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November 2024



17 November 2024


PTB movie by Sportzhub and running action by Brad & Damien. P.S. Turn this puppy up loud!

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The Peak Trail Blazer is proudly a 100% fundraising event, this year helping out a local charity and Havelock North Primary.  A little of your hard work and sweat will go a lovely-long way! 

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Peak Trail Blazer

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One Peak, Two Trails.

The Choice is Yours

Tainui Trail
- 3.5 km -

Blitz the Tainui Trail on our specially designed course from the Tainui Reserve, up through the trails, and home along Joll Road to finish at Havelock North Primary. Adults are more than welcome on this course too.

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Te Mata Peak Trail
- 12.8 km -

Starting at Havelock North Primary, head through the Tainui Reserve to the top of Te Mata Peak and back, enjoying the view and fresh air along the way. Sure, there’ll be some sweat involved, but the rewards and kudos will be well worth it!

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The Crowned Ones!

Our highly sought after clubs for the fast ones. The Scorchers Sub 50 & The Hall of Flames Sub 60 minutes clubs. 137 names now hang in our hallowed halls!

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Gold Sponsors

Getting our event off the ground just wouldn’t be possible without our fabulous team of sponsors. TRUE STORY.
Oh, how we love ’em!

Peak Trail Blazer Fun Facts from our 11 years

Donated to Community
Total Participants
Sausages Eaten
Raised for HNPS

The PTB is a great event which involves people from all aspects of the community and gives back in a meaningful way.  It's great to have an event which is enjoyable and relevant for the kids right through to the vet runners - everyone can get something out of it. And I shouldn't forget to mention the spot prizes, everyone loves the chance to be able to win a genuinely cool prize and the PTB does that very well!!

Niam Macdonald, Te Awanga Estate King of the Peak 2018

2022 PTB ChampS

Jamie Dennis

King of the Peak

Amber Morrison

Queen of the Peak

Alex West

Up & Coming
Te Mata peak

Michaela Bates

Up & Coming
Te Mata peak

Jack Gordon

Prince of Tainui
(U12 yrs)

Briar Llewellyn

Princess of Tainui
(U12 yrs)

Henry Dorward

Little prince of tainui (u9 yrs)

Aoife Rafferty

Little Princess of tainui (u9 yrs)

Eric Phimister
Napier Harriers

Master Blazer
(66+ yrs)

Eric Kemsley

TE Mata Peak

Rach Mill

Te Mata Peak

Silver Sponsors

Getting our event off the ground just wouldn’t be possible without our fabulous team of sponsors. TRUE STORY.
Oh, how we love ’em!

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PTB Lowdown

One Peak, two trails.

3.5 km

Tainui Trail

Tainui Reserve → Hikanui Pa → Havelock North Primary

  • Individuals - $20
  • Adult Chaperone - Free
    Feel free to chaperone your child on the Tainui Trail. There's no need for you to sign up, however there's no timing or spot prizes for chaparones. OR sign up for $20, get both, and help us fundraise for fab causes!
  • Prince and Princess of Tainui under 12 yrs
    1st $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20
    from Kiwigarden & Local Yolkels
  • Little Prince and Little Princess of Tainui under 9 yrs
    1st $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20
    from Havelock North New World
  • "Eye Try" Award for entrants spotted on the course to be trying extra hard but not necessarily at the front of the pack from Eye Institute Hawkes Bay
  • Start time & location
    10am at Tainui Reserve, Havelock North

12.8 km

Run or Walk

Havelock North Primary → Te Mata Peak → Return

  • Individuals - $40
  • $500 Cash for the Fastest Dash, $150 2nd, $50 3rd
  • Wee Doo Loos King of the Peak
  • Local Yolkels Queen of the Peak
  • Shanley & Co Master Blazer Lady and Gentleman
  • The Scorchers sub-50 minute club
  • Hall of Flames sub-60 minute club
  • Up & Coming 11-17 yrs $100 each from Go Healthy
  • Start time & location
    Walkers at 8am and runners at 9am, both from HN Primary


A race you will never forget! Simply the best way to get that stunning Te Mata Peak view and a bit puffed all in one! One of the best event atmospheres in all respects!
Amber Morrison, Aesthetic Dental Queen of the Peak 2012
I love talking to first-timers at registration - the excitement they feel is infectious. You can see their sense of pride and achievement at the end of the race when they're cheered up the finish chute. The PTB is a great stepping stone to other events, or just a super fun way to spend a great day in the Bay!
Nicki Young, Super-volunteer & PTB competitor
Fantastic course with stunning views from the Peak. Fast and twisting descent. Great race for both the experienced athlete and those new to trail running. Great, family atmosphere!
Graeme Bee, Rod McDonald Wines King of the Peak 2012
There’s something about the Peak Trail Blazer that makes it truly unique – maybe it’s a combination of accomplishing the Peak itself, being immersed in an awesome community environment and seeing an event run and executed to the standard of some of New Zealand’s best races. Regardless, it’s one I thoroughly enjoy being a part of and can’t wait to see it grow
Laura Nagel, Hawke's Bay Orthodontics Queen of the Peak 2016

Peak Trail Blazer

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Peak Trail Blazer
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